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Small plates



Sweet Orange Pecans. 4.

Candied Georgia pecans. Tangy zest of orange.

Mixed Olives. 4.

Tri-color mixed olives. Herbacious. Spain. 

Potato Chips. 5.

Crunchy kettle chips. Salt. Cracked pepper.

Bread & Cultured Butter. 8.

Toasted sourdough. Cultured butter. Maldon smoked sea salt.

Chopped Kale & Chippy Cheddar Salad. 12.

Fresh kale. Dried cherries. Toasted almonds. Aged white cheddar. Zesty housemade

lemon vinaigrette.

+ Add Aged Dry Salami. + 2.



Burrata Plate.  12.

Burrata. Olive oil. Maldon smoked sea salt. Black pepper. Sourdough.

Baked Goat Cheese. 12.

Choose: sweet or savory. Accoutrements. Sourdough.

Tinned Fish.  18. 

Ask for today’s selection. Sourdough. Dijon. Capers. Pickled onion. Lemon.

Charcuterie Plate. 26.

Chef’s choice. Featuring a fresh

selection of meat, cheese, assorted

crackers and accoutrements. 

+ Add 8 Blumen Flower Cheese. + 4.


+ Gluten Free Crackers. 2.




Crushed Olive & Cheese. 12. Crushed olives. Herbs. Orange zest. White cheddar.

Berry & Cheese.  12. Raspberry. Rosemary. Thyme. Red pepper. White cheddar.

Mushroom & Herb. 12. Local mushrooms. Goat cheese. Cracked pepper. Herbs.



Sweet thangs


Created by our talented buddies Mokaya Artisan Chocolates & Confections.


Mokaya Truffles. Confections. Mini Tarts.

Ask your server for available selections.

Affogato. 8.

Rich Mokaya house-made vanilla bean ice cream, 

drenched in a shot of Madcap espresso. 

Boozy Affogato. 12.

Rich Mokaya house-made vanilla bean ice cream, 

drenched in a shot of Madcap espresso with Amaro Montenegro (or your choice).


Bubbles by the Glass


Pursuit of Happiness Blanc de Noirs.  10.

USA. Dry. Light citrus. Toasty Brioche. Mineral finish.

Campo Viejo Cava Brut Rosé.  12. 

Spain. Medium body. Tart apple. Clean finish.

Cavicchilioli Prosecco. 12.

Italy. Lightly Sweet. Floral. Spritzy. Hint of Pear. 

Classic Mimosa.  10. 

Pursuit of Happiness American Bubbly w/ Orange or Grapefruit. 

Bless This Bellini.  12. 

Pursuit of Happiness American Bubbly w/ Peach Nectar. 


Bubbles by the Bottle

Pursuit of Happiness Blanc de Noirs.  44.

USA. Dry. Light citrus. Toasty Brioche. Mineral finish.

Lucien Albrecht Cremant Brut Rosé.  56.

France. Lightly Acidic. Strawberry. Mineral Finish.

Bottega Gold Prosecco.  70.

Italy. Light. Bright. Balanced. Apple.

Collet Brut Art Deco Premier Cru. 90.

Balanced. Brioche. Almond. Long Finish.

Roland Champion Brut Rosé Champagne.  120.

France. Elegant. Subtle. Berry. Balanced.

Paul Bara Brut Rosé Grand Cru Champagne. 120.

Harmonious. Strawberry. Ginger. Peach. Almond. Plush finish.

Billecart Brut Blanc de Blanc Grand Cru NV. 140.

Dry. Finely textured. Green Apple. Pear. Mineral. Tangy finish.

Billecart Salmon Brut Rosé NV.  140.

France. Dry. Fresh. Red Berry. Citrus. Delicious.

Billecart Blanc de Blanc. Vintage 2008.  260. France. Elegant. Pale. White Fresh Fruits. Brioche. Saline.


Salty Dog. 12. Grapefruit. Vodka. Maldon Smoked Salt.

Negroni. 12. Gin. Campari. Sweet Vermouth. Orange. 

White Negroni. 12. Gin. Suze. Lillet Blanc. Lemon.

Boulevardier. 14. Bourbon. Amaro. Sweet Vermouth.

The Last Word. 14. Gin. Genepy. Luxardo. Lime.

Bloody Mary. 12. Vodka. Garnish. High Life Side Car.

Chilcano. 12. Pisco. Ginger Beer. Lime.

The Blush x Wink.  12. Blanco Tequila. Campari. Grapefruit. Lime juice.  

Madcap Espresso Martini. 14. Vodka. Madcap Espresso. Kahlua.

Madcap Carajillo. 14. Madcap Espresso. Licor 43. Orange. 


Looking for something? Just ask us. We can make most of the classics.


Wine by the glass 

Alanera Red Blend. Italy. 12. 

Esk Valley Sauvignon Blanc. NZ. 12. 

Alain Jaume Bellissime Rosé  14. 

Wine by the bottle

Calvet Murmure Rosé. Fr. 56.

Cambria Chardonnay. Cali. 64.

Serial Cabernet. Cali. 64.

Venge. Silencieux Cabernet 2019. Cali. 115.

Bubbles & Troubles

The Nora Walker.  12.  Aperol. Orange. Grapefruit. POH Bubbles.

86° In the Shade.  12.  Suze. Tonic. Lime. Smoked Salt. POH Bubbles.

The Long Way Home. 12.  Lillet Blanc. Grapefruit. POH Bubbles.

Sundown Spritz. 12. Aperol. Soda. Olive. Bubbles.

French 75. 12.  Gin. Lemon. POH Bubbles.

Kir Royale.  12.  Creme de Cassis. Lemon. POH Bubbles.

Negroni Spritz. 12. Campari. Sweet Vermouth. Orange. POH Bubbles.

French Kiss. 12. Lillet Blanc. Dry Vermouth. Orange. Lemon. POH Bubbles.

Paloma Spritz. 12. Tequila. Lime. Grapefruit. Tajin. POH Bubbles.

+ Upgrade to Mezcal.  +2.

Cherry Oh Baby Spritz. 12. Luxardo. Amaretto. Cherry. POH Bubbles.

Such a Peach. 14. Bourbon. Peach. Bitters. POH Bubbles.

Bubbles & Troubles - spritz cocktails –our house specialty. Are also available by the pitcher.  48.

Sweater Weather.

Frozen Bourbon Slushie.

Bourbon, Apple. Lemon. Cinnamon. 

Topped with Pursuit of 

Happiness™ Bubbly.


Slap Me Twice & Call Me Sally.

Any Color You Like™

Nieve de Oasis Popsicle

Swimming in 

Pursuit of Happiness™ Bubbly.



Duvel Belgian Ale. 12.

Founders All Day IPA. 7.

Pacifico. 7.

Miller Lite. 6.

Miller High Life. (pony) 4. 

Heineken. (tiny Heine)  4.



Mr. Brightside.  14. Any Color You Like™ Berry Lavender Popsicle in Gruvi Non Alcoholic Sparkling Rosé.

Nomosa.  10.  Gruvi NA Drysecco w/ Orange or Grapefruit.

The Shimmering Light.  10. Gruvi NA Sparkling Rosé on Ice. Grapefruit. 

Behind the Wheel. 12.  DeSoi Champignon Dreams. Lime. Tonic. Smoked Salt.

NA Bevs


DeSoi NA Tonic.  10.

Gruvi NA Sparkling Rosé.  8.

Gruvi NA Drysecco.  8.

Brix Cane Cola.  4.

Brix Jamaican Ginger Beer.  4.

Dove's Shirley Temple.  4.



Powered by Madcap Coffee – Eureka Espresso Blend . Subtle notes of chocolate, orange. black cherry.


Espresso. 4.

Americano. 5.

Cortado. 5.

Cappuccino. 5.

Latte. 6.

Tea. 4. Matcha+ or French Lemon Ginger

+ Almond Milk. 1.

+ Oat Milk. 1.

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